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Ibis 100 HD 45

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IBIS presents a new angled binoculars of fine workmanship with 100mm lenses and angled prisms at 45# .
The IBIS HD100 consists of two high refraction optical doublets with semi-apo performance; even the use of higher quality prisms increase performance compared to previous models allowing observations even at 70/80x magnifications with a very low chromaticism and a high contrast!
The magnesium alloy hull is robust but light and reduces the weight of the binoculars to only 6.6kg!
Exceptional binoculars for all types of observation.... from birdwatching at high magnifications of distant animals, to observing the rings of Saturn and the craters on the Moon to "brushing" the Milky Way in search of extended nebulae!

Supplied is a pair of 18mm Ultra Flat Field eyepieces with a field of 65 yr. and a magnification of 30X.



Ibis 100 HD 45

Pair Ultra FF 18mm

Warranty 2 years

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Ibis 100 HD 45

Ibis 100 HD 45

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